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PMO (Datastudio, google sheet, JIRA) H/F

PMO (Datastudio, google sheet, JIRA) H/F

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PMO (Datastudio, google sheet, JIRA) H/F



Our client is looking for a PMO profile under the responsibility of the PMO Domain Leader, in order to ensure the steering and support to the management of the products, programmes and portfolios of the Domain Leader PFS / Product Marketplace on the 3 levels of structure of the domain (Strategic, Tactical, Operational) with two main challenges
To define, co-construct and monitor the management of the product portfolio through the dashboards that have been set up
Co-develop the "Product Management" culture by supporting the PMs


The construction of an organisation for product management and the development of a "Product Management" culture will provide a framework, a method and the necessary support for the teams to :
Animate and manage the key performance indicators, including the creation of value for their product - Operational level
Structure and monitor the proper implementation of projects - Tactical level
Facilitate and guarantee informed arbitration - Strategic level


The PMO will be responsible for :
To have an overall view of all products, projects and project portfolios, thanks to dashboards
Lead and assist managers in the performance of their duties
Ensuring the functional and technical consistency of the roadmap
Monitor and manage project adherence and risks using steering tools
Ensure the proper circulation of information, at the right level of synthesis and relevance according to the bodies and interlocutors at group level
To be the guarantor of the project management methodological reference framework and its development
Disseminate and ensure the adoption of the framework via communications and training
Co-develop the "Product Management" culture
Supporting Product Owners in their role as Product Managers in the Product Management process
Ensuring that the OKRs for each product are in line with the business vision of the services (strategic OKRs) and monitoring them
Co-construct, maintain and lead the overall roadmap in conjunction with the Product Managers and the Agile Coach/Scrum Masters


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