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Whether you are a full stack developer, graphic designer, UX designer, data scientist, Scrum master ... We have assignment opportunities for you all over the world at carefully selected clients.
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Our latest exclusive missions

IT - Système d'information - Télécom

Project Manager (M/F)


IT - Système d'information - Télécom

IT Architect (M/F)


IT - Système d'information - Télécom

Senior Applications Manager (M/F)


How does our freelance platform work?

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We offer you more than a digital platform!

Izyfreelance is committed to a personalized and human follow-up of your success


Tailor-made missions!

At Izyfreelance, we get to know you. The more we talk, the faster we find the best assignments that will fulfill your needs and meet your requirements. It is our mission as your agent to find what suits you and, with your agreement, to offer it to you.


Maximize your rates!

A rare talent cannot be sold off! Negotiating your average daily rate is one of the highlights of the validation process of your freelance assignment. To simplify the process, we negotiate your rate with the client. We then debrief with you and give you advice on how to better value your skills and your background.


Let yourself go!

It is possible to combine independence and employee status. Entrust us with your activity. We take care of everything, from the establishment of the commercial contract, through the management of social declarations, to the establishment of your pay slip.


Towards zero paper!

The administrative follow-up is complex and time consuming. To free you from this constraint, we manage the contractual part, your invoicing towards the customer and the follow-up of your contract.  Everything is thought out so that you can concentrate on your activity, we take care of the rest.

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Why look for an IT freelance mission with Izyfreelance?

Unique support that our
rare talents



Because you are unique, we take care to get to know you and to make you stand out throughout the years you work with us. At Izyfreelance you will not be a number among millions of freelancers but a unique talent that we know personally.

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Attractive remuneration

The added value is yours! We help you define and maximize your average daily rate. We look for the best assignments for your profile. You are a rare talent on the market, we know that and we are here to make the most of it on each assignment.


Daily support

At Izyfreelance, you are accompanied on a daily basis by our teams to help you grow and progress in your freelance life.

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Customizable Services

Training, freelancing, insurance, we offer multiple options to help you in your freelance life.

The most popular
digital jobs



Front-end developer, back-end developer, mobile developer

Gestion de projet - Izyfreelance

Project management

Product manager, product owner, digital product manager

Design - Izyfreelance


UX designer, UI designer, web designer

Join an international community

arond the world

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+ 1100 missions in Europe

+ 400 missions in Canada

+ 300 missions in Africa

+ 200 missions in Asia

Join an international community

Our network of

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An international team at your service


Audrey Baillet

Chief Operation Manager


Eddy Derampe

Sales Manager


Julien Beauvillain

Business Developer


Linda Lefebvre

Business Developer


Amaury Delattre

Talent Recruiter


Margot Cambier

Talent Recruiter


Hana Zarroughi

Talent Recruiter


Victoire Malherbe

Recruitment Manager

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Proximity and Confidentiality

  • Direct access to your dedicated contact person
  • Advice on your current and future assignments
  • Three-way relationship
    Confidentiality of exchanges
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Our customer references

They are waiting
for you
pour travailler ensemble

Our mobile application :
Anywr Packs

Anywr HP Talent

Services that will make your life easier!

From your mobile app, you'll be able to track your freelance assignments, receive alerts, access tips and articles, and be the first to know about new opportunities in France and abroad. You will also be able to access services and offers in our marketplace and many other new features to come.

What they are


Top tips!

Becoming a freelancer allowed me to meet my need for autonomy and flexibility. Izyfreelance guided me in my creation process and saved me time.


Community Manager


A human accompaniment!

When I started I already had the experience, but not necessarily the network! I wanted to be accompanied by a company where the human element is essential! Several contacts in my network recommended Izyfreelance.


IT Project Director


Fast and responsive

I chose to be accompanied by Izyfreelance, because they were the fastest and most reactive! In one week I started an assignment with a large group in the Lille area


IT Project Manager


What is a Freelancer?

To become a Freelance, 2 approaches are available to you:

- In complete autonomy, with the creation of a structure such as auto-entrepreneur, independent contractor, SASU, EURL, SAS, etc...

- In wage portage, without creating a structure and with the support of a wage portage company like Cooptalis Portage

Why create my account on Izyfreelance? (opening planned at the end of July)

By creating your account, you will have access to the Talent Softalis space and its advantages:

- Access to current assignments.

- Access to upcoming missions

- History of completed missions

- Quick access to mission opportunities around the world (available in Q3)

What is the Talent Softalis space?

The Talent Softalis space is the centralized portal for all the activities of the Cooptalis group to which Izyfreelance belongs. We give you access to the mobile application as well as the web portal.

How does the validation process work at Izyfreelance?

You can apply for our job offers or send us an unsolicited application.

After receiving your profile, a consultant from the team will contact you to validate your skills, your motivations, your professional project, as well as your GPA.

We present you with the missions that correspond to your profile. We then discuss the mission you have selected in order to prepare the presentation of your profile to the client.


Nous partageons ensuite ton profil au client, en mettant en avant tes points forts pour la mission.


Nous finalisons par la gestion de l’intégralité des aspects administratifs et contractuels.

How do I determine an average daily rate?

The average daily rate is a combination of several aspects:

- Your experience

- The duration of the mission

- Your level of expertise on the position

How am I paid in France?

At the end of each month you must provide us with your invoice. In exchange, we realize the payment at 10 days invoice date.

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Izyfreelance, a Cooptalis platform

Since 2012, the Cooptalis Group has been assisting companies around the world to meet their
their problems in the search for Talents, but also the Talents themselves to facilitate
their projects of professional life changes.

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